De kracht van de Ankh

THE INNERTEACHER has spoken. In a deep InnerGuidance session in Bali in my most vulnerable naked state, SHE showed up. The inner Priestess.

She offered me her healing stick, which I reluctant, under condition of NO MORE POWER GAMES, accepted. It felt as an inner initiation. A promiss to offer, within my ability, the power of energy medicine.

Two weeks after, I opened just a random book in the library. A page opened with a picture of an Egyptian Priestess holding her healing stick with an ANKH at the top. An ancient healing instrument - already used in the times of Atlantis -connected to a sisterhood of Priestesses.




Forbidden to use for a long time, now the Ankh is finding it's rightful place back. They say, when it is time, the ANKH finds you. That felt so true. It was a deep remembrance and not-knowing at the same time.

Within 1 google search the ANKH-maker of the Netherlands, Marcel Beunen, was presented to me. And I knew right away he was the one. With help of his Guides he created this wonderful instrument.


This Ankh is powerful and it's message is:

"Together we bond, as soulmates, to let the Light shine on those who are ready to evolve and (re)move systems. In order to reach great hights and Lighter Living."


 For you and those around you and the collective, I introduce this instrument in my work.


Love, Mireille

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