Online healing session Mireille Goedkoop

I had the privilege to work online with Mireille Goedkoop and benefit from her distant healing & energy sessions.  She brought me to a deeper understanding of my inner pain, that I needed to release. The confused child inside me needed reassurance.  I found my voice. Speaking the truth about my feelings.. and not what I felt was expected of me. When I used my voice to express, I felt so much better inside!

Because of the sessions, I have become more grounded and present in the moment.

I was given different types of homework to do, like exercises to keep myself centred and giving myself a Shower of love.. which I found of great benefit practising them, I will continue to do so.  Mireille coached me how to tap into a different vibration, focussing on what I want instead of what I don't want.  This change of focus and the power of possitivity really works.  
Im so greatful to Mireille, she is a wonderful intutive teacher. Close to my heart .Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

I'll keep working on it!! Self love is the key!
Maria Helmsley / Spain

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