Global Healing Circle

This is a global distant healing circle of CONNECTION and LOVE. Please join to raise your vibration and receive support.


* You can receive the healing at the same time as I am holding the circle, OR anytime AFTER *


Next Circle: Thursday Sept 5th, 09.00-09.30 AM Amsterdam time.


How to join?

Step 1: send me a message you like to join, with the selection of your option.

Option A
receiving the energy at the time I am holding the distant circle 09.00-09.30 Amsterdam time

Option B: receiving the healing any time you pick AFTER the sheduled circle. Pm me which time/day you choose

Option C: receiving the energy on a moment which is for your highest good.


Step 2: select healing circle in the webshop for payment of E 15.- excl 21% VAT


How this works

I am sitting with Spirit on the mentioned time. Setting my intention, bringing in all the names of you, who want to attend this distant circle.  And the time/date you want to receive it. I am merging with Source and allow the energy to flow.

It will be send to you on the chosen moment. When you sit with me at the same time in your own home or any other time you have picked. 



I will connect with all of you who are joining on Messenger to open the circle. Feel free to share any realisations or feedback after the healing.

If you need any support after or want to dive deeper, please find more information about private online sessions at or at this website.



One of the participants shared her experience with me after one of the circles. During the healing she received some important insights about her relationship with her son. The night after she woke up in the middle of the night. Full in tears. A wave of sadness hit her, not knowing why. She embraced it. Allowed the energy fully to come to expression. She heard repeating words which made her come to understand what was coming into consciousness. Her life theme and karmic cleansing. Seeing clearly how this effected her life in different ways in relationship with herself and others. What she needed, what she missed, what she longed for, what she couldn’t give.


They had been out of contact for a while, she and her son. And 2 days after the healing circle she received a call from him. Since a longtime, they had a positive talk. The renewed connection has started. With Self, no- Self and the other(s), who are one.


The wave of Light. The power of spiritual healing and InnerGuidance. ğŸ’ž  

"Wat een bijzondere ervaring heb Ik zojuist mogen beleven❤️Warme stralingen door heel mijn lichaam, tranen die ik niet kon tegenhouden, tintelingen en zware benen, hoofdpijn die weer snel verdween en nog steeds een warm gevoel in mijn borst streek...ik voel me zoveel meer relaxed:) 
Super bedankt lieve Mireille🙏❤️"


Deze lieve dame deed mee aan de global groepshealing op een tijdstip dat het haar uit kwam. De energie werd 3 dgn later gestuurd dan de cirkel. Vaak vinden mensen het moeilijk te geloven dat dat kan. Over afstand. En ook nog op een ander tijdstip.  Maar het is slechts het denken, de mind, dat vol zit met beperkingen.

Energy flows where the attention goes


Healing requires action. It is not a passive event. Nobody can release painful memories for you. We cannot forgive someone on behalf of someone else. But we can use energy healing to breakthrough blockages, beliefs and old patterns to allow the necessary change to happen inside of us.