Your teacher



Everyone of us has the inner-power to heal oneself. But sometimes we don't know how, or we need some help on our path. Whenever you feel stuck into yourself, work or a relationship, I offer guidance to master the energy and let go of blockages and dis-empowering beliefs. Through the sessions you will find a deeper understanding with Self and all that you are.


The essence

We will explore what energetically is at play at this moment. What is keeping you from being your true nature? What is the longing? Allowing that what is unconscious to become conscious. So your pure essence can show itself and you will feel more complete, authentic and whole in your daily life.


It takes courage to meet ones wounds, to be vulnerable. I offer a safe and sacred space in which transformation can take place. As we work mainly at a subconscious level in a high vibrational field, deep and sustainable change will happen.


Your Guide: Mireille Goedkoop

I am a mediumistic healer, energy healer and spiritual coach. Down to earth & spiritual.  I am gifted with a clear-knowing and clear-sentience which guides me towards what is needed in the moment for the person I am working wth.  A high vibration of Source Light is flowing through my hands, intention and presence.


I combine different healing modalities and tools which have proven themselves to be very effective. I have learned to understand and master energy at different levels.  Which covers a great deal of my offerings and teachings. That, and my intuitive spiritual guidance from the higher realms bring transformation forward.


I commit deeply to conscious evolution - which is Love itself - and unites us as one.


Through guidance from the spiritual realm, regression- and shamanic techniques, InnerGuidance and my healing mediumship, deep transformation is taking place.